Transport by road

Thanks to our daily departures we can provide import/ export service for part- and full loads, even for ADR classified products in collaboration with our partners and their branches spread through the national and international territory.

Air transport

The air transport solutions with always more precise, competitive and profitable door to door deliveries.

intermodal transport

We offer combined road-rail intermodal transport solutions with daily departures of the goods from Italy and Europe. We deal with administrative formalities and all other logistic aspects on behalf of our customer guaranteeing them lower costs and definite transit times.

Sea transport

The choice of sea transport is the right one for those who want to ship the deliveries from distant suppliers at low cost. We can organize maritime transports to a minimum details thanks to our experience and considering the quantity of your goods you can chose the right kind of maritime transport.

since 1998 .. a certainty for more than 2,000 customers

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