quality OUR POLICY

FUTURA CARGO – ITALIA s.r.l. is aware that its success with customers is founded on its ability to satisfy them in a lasting way, by providing quality services.
The Company is strongly committed in trying to achieve levels of improvement and for this purpose, our Quality Policy is based on the following statements:
• Compliance with relevant statutory requirements;
• Maximum transparency of communications in commercial approaches with clients;
• The provision of Transport services with high efficiency, punctuality and safety;
• The pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency of its management system, through careful control of all phases of its service delivery;
• The continuous improvement of its quality management system trough the acknowledgements employee’s self improvements and contributions to the company;
• A commercial development also with an expansion of the Company’s image towards customers.

FUTURA CARGO – ITALIA s.r.l. considers it very important to reach quality objectives in its policy. Achievement of this policy involves the whole staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work.


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